Playstation 3.

I’ve bought a Playstation 3. This thing is a number crunching monster, the Cell CPU does Folding@Home about 10 times faster than a normal computer! The Cell CPU is basically a multithreaded core (PPE) backed up by 8 (!) smaller cpus (SPE) connected to a ring-bus (EIB). You don’t have to go many years back to find super-computers that this beast beats hands down on computing power (at least on floating point operations). I’ve installed linux on it (yellow dog, might change that soon – probably ubuntu) and you have access to the main PPE + 7 of the SPEs. It’s also a very good DVD-player, which is one of the main reasons why I bought it. Upscales and transmits both image and sound to my receiver over a single cable (HDMI). A good upscaling DVD-player is around 3000NOK, so why not pay a little bit extra and get a number cruncher, (future) media center, gaming machine (there really aren’t many good games for it yet though) and blu-ray player included? That aside, it was kinda a hard decision whether to buy it or not, I really don’t like supporting SONY (they got a really bad track record: the sony root kit, closing down lik sang, exploding batteries, etc, etc). I prefer HD-DVD over Blu-ray. Blu-ray is region-locked, HD-DVD is not, which means that buying movies from the states is harder with Blu-ray. The Blu-ray camp also got a nasty DRM trick up their sleeve called BD+, it’s basically a VM running on the player that executes code from the disc. Hopefully Sony sells the console at a loss. I hope that it will be possible to attach a xbox360 HD-DVD player to the PS3 via USB and use that to play HD-DVDs in linux in the future.


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