NRK releasing TV-series on bittorrent.

Seems like NRK has started releasing their own production using bittorrent, and it’s even fairly high quality (1024×576, 24 fps, H.264 @ 3 mbit/s). Awesome, it isn’t HD, but good enough for this kind of use. Lars Monsen’s Nordkalotten 365 is the first show to be released, at the moment there are only one episode out but they will release the entire series over the next couple of days.

This is really a step in the right direction: distributed download and high quality video in a good format. Much better than their net-tv. Their first release is just to measure the interest for this kind of content, I hope this will be successful and that we eventually get NRK’s entire media library online in the same way. Recommend that everyone download this, even though they don’t like this show, just to let NRK know that we are interested. And who knows, you might like the show, I bought the book some months ago.

Torrent of first episode: Nordkalotten_365_ep_1.mp4.torrent
RSS-Feed for the series: Nordkalotten365.rss


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