Some updates..


Recently ordered myself a new camera to replace my 4-5 year old Olympus mju 3xx. I don’t really take many pictures, but my old one has been bugging me a lot lately, especially after I bought a bigger memory card. The start up time on the olympus seems to grow exponentially with the size of the memory card, using a 512 mb card (which is small by today’s standards) it takes so long to start that you might as well paint a picture instead. Whatever you wanted to snap is probably long gone before the camera is ready, unless it’s something like the pyramids or a big mountain able to withstand corrosion long enough for the camera to start up. The old camera also uses XD picture cards, a type that never really caught on – as a results it’s way slower and more expensive than the more popular technologies (SD(hc) / CF / whatever).

I didn’t want to go all out on the most expensive cameras since I don’t really take a lot of pictures, so I had a look in the ~2000 NOK category. Two cameras seemed to be fairly popular, Canon Ixus 70 and Samsung NV8. They’re about even in all the tests I’ve read, and evenly specced, so I went with the samsung because it looks slightly better imho.


I’m going to Brussels this friday, never been in Belgium before so I’m really looking forward to it. Traveling down with Håvard, and we’ll meet Karl Trygve there. Hoping to enjoy some good Belgian chocolate, beer and talks at FOSDEM.

HD DVD/Blu-ray: 

Seems like toshiba finally gave up HD DVD today, basically leaving the format circling the drain. The two formats are basically identical from a technological point of view, but since blu-ray provides the most control over the consumers (region coding, bd+ drm, etc) this was probably just waiting to happen. It’s not like these restrictions are going to prevent piracy anyway, since equipment to dump streams from HDMI is already out there. Since it doesn’t stop piracy then all it does is preventing people that legally bought the movie from doing things like transferring the movie to a different device (want to watch it on your ipod? no can do! you have to buy it again..) and to bleed more money from consumers through price differentiation (no cheap movies while traveling overseas or on ebay for you!). I guess that going for the PS3 was the right choice for me, but I fear that the best (most friendly) format lost, we’ll have to get used to bending over for sony the next years…


Still trying to decide on my master for this fall, been leaning slightly more towards Visualization lately though.