HÃ¥vard – Bringer of Entropy

Green plot is me walking from home to Fløyen. Red plot is my route back home trying to follow Håvard. Not even experts in the field of Chaos Theory can predict his path.


Klein Bottle

Got my handcrafted glass 2-manifold from Clifford Stoll recently. It’s a bottle which outside is it’s inside, and it has 0 volume (well, at least in it’s usual habitat (4 spatial dimensions) and not immersed into our 3 spatial dimensions..) See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klein_bottle Here it is, in a dark room, illuminated by a blue LED:

And here is the crazy guy who makes them:

If you haven’t seen it before, you should check out his TED talk.

Bergen 3D

I’ve spent some time working on a virtual 3d bergen as a part of INF251 (Computer Graphics) this semester. Basically what we did was to render the terrain based on a height map (a file containing a height value at every x,y position), modeled some buildings, added textures, spline based camera paths.. etc.. Mine was developed on linux and uses Glut, GLEW, GLM, DevIL, Vmath.. etc.. You can fly around in Bergen using FPS-style controls (WASD+RF/mouselook).

See my page over at the university for som larger screenshots and a movie..