Spotify – Missing songs..

I really like Spotify, and it’s currently my main source of music. There are a couple of problems though that’s keeping me from completely going to Spotify (and paying for it to avoid the ads).

So many of the artists I like are not on spotify – like Pink Floyd, Metallica, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc. etc.. But what’s even worse is the music that once were available to you, but got removed because of rights. Some music can’t be played in some countries. Lately I’ve had a feeling that my playlists were shrinking, and suddenly wanted to hear “Eagles – Hotel California” – a song that I’ve had in one of my playlists from the start. It wasn’t there..

Turned off “Hide unplayable tracks”.. and a bunch of red songs showed up.. Songs that once were available, that now are hidden from Norwegian Spotify listeners. After searching for replacements, about 5-10% of this particular playlist was still unplayable. Bah!

NRKbeta had a great post about this after the pirate bay trial: Congratulations – you just wet your pants .. They hit the nail on the head. People don’t get why they can play a song in one country just fine, but just across the border you can’t.. Or why you can’t buy TV-series on iTunes if you live outside the US, and so on.. Rights owners, record companies, MPAA, RIAA, etc, etc, needs to loosen up a bit. The Internet is global and it’s heavily integrated in our culture these days, country restrictions just creates obstacles for people – obstacles they don’t get why should be there. When you add other obstacles such as DRM, forced anti-piracy propganda on original DVDs/Blurays, etc, etc, it’s no wonder why pirating is so much easier, faster and better when they impose stupid restrictions like this.

And wrap up todays wail, here’s a funny video Håvard gave me – explaining IFPI’s anti-piracy strategy:



3 thoughts on “Spotify – Missing songs..

  1. I don’t really mind pirating the stuff that’s not there. I’m a paying customer of spotify and If they want my money they have to sign with spotify or create something equivalent. I don’t like having more than one music-player-app though. I’m paying for convenience, make it convenient and you’ll get my money!

  2. if you search hotel california/pretty maids all in a row it will come up with the original version by the eagles, it has 0 popularity where as the cover has almost full bar 😛

  3. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about information and love learning more on this. If possible,it is very helpful for me.

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