All hail the mighty Apple!

Just a small blog post while my old iPhone is updating to the 3.0 software. Even though the title is a joke, I have to say that the iPhone is one of the tech gadgets that have given me more value for my money than anything else. I bought it almost two years ago for just over 2000 NOK (imported from the US), probably one of my cheapest mobiles ever. It’s been updated several times over those two years, and not only small fixes, it’s been getting major feature-updates regularly.. I don’t think any other cellphone company have continued to give their firmware new features two whole years after the release. The device itself feels almost as cutting edge still as it did two years ago (even though I miss things like 3g support, etc..). If I break my iPhone today, then there’s no doubt what I would buy tomorrow.. a new one (or more likely wait a week and get the 3G S).

If it only was more open.. and Apple wasn’t that asshat about their app store restrictions.. It would probably be the perfect cell phone.. But I hope Android gives it a run for it’s money (competition drives the market) 🙂