iPhone Battery

My iPhone is almost 2 years, and I’ve been starting to notice it’s declining battery performance. I’m leaving for vacation soon and it sucks having to look around all the time for a place to charge your mobile when traveling, so I decided to get a new one. Found a cheap replacement on ebay, about $5-6 including shipping from china.. It probably suck, but I want to get a better (larger capacity than original) later anyway – when I have time to look around and do some research. Got the battery yesterday, and put it in today.. Opening an iPhone is a bitch! Apple sure made this hard..

Instructions for opening the iPhone. The battery is also soldered to the mainboard, so you have to desolder the old wires before removing the old battery. And then solder the new one in place (watch out so you don’t short the red wire with the others – apparently this type of battery doesn’t handle that well..). The new battery seems good so far, it’s still at 100% after several hours, just waiting for it to go nuclear and blow up..


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