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  1. HI..Nice setup. Im new to all this but plan to buy a router next pay check..I see you have a 18650 battery and adapter for your unit. Do you have a link where I might find this adapter item?

  2. Hello Stian,

    I read your information about the raspberry and jeenodes.
    I m also playing with the Raspberry Pi and software called Domotiga.
    On this i have an RFXlan interface with different sensors (Oregon/Visonic/Kaku etc), which works great.
    Now i want to play with an Jeenode.
    Im totally new to this, so question, what do i need at first to start:
    Is 1 jeelink and 1 jeenode(V6) enough to start?
    And how to program this jeenode on evt. Windows?


    • Hello 🙂

      Yes, a jeelink and a jeenode will be a great starting point.
      To program the jeenode you will also need a USB-BUB or similar UART/FTDI-interface.

      Instead of jeelink there is to try a cool little board made by some guy named Martin:
      It’s a small board you can connect directly to the gpio pins on the raspberry pi.
      Havn’t tried it myself, but have been contemplating building something similar.
      Might be harder/more work to set up than the jeelink though.

      To program the jeenodes you can use the arduino environment on windows, just like the regular arduino boards 🙂
      The jeenode guy has a couple of libraries for it that makes the radio easy to use.

      • Stian,

        Thx very much, i think im gonna buy a combination jeelink/jeenode and the USb bub.
        This is for my project to control my Itho eco ventilation.

  3. Great topics. Thanks for sharing your information, results and tips!

    Regarding your diving battery pack build (see below), I recommend heat shrink wrap for joining cylindrical cells AND rewrapping cells. Heat shrink wrap is available in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses, and colors for many different applications.


    You can find heat shrink wrap on Ebay and many other sites, but I recommend getting it through Fasttech, which is much less expensive. For example:

    29mm heat shrink wrap in 1 meter length with free shipping (choose a color) for $0.84 USD:

    Here is an excellent page that includes the heat shrink wrap dimensions needed for different cell sizes, and instructions for rewrapping cells:



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